Kaleidescope Conference

Kaleidoscope 2016 was a two-day academic conference in the Faculty of Education in Cambridge. The focus this year was the question:  How can we bridge the gap between theory and practice through educational research?

I had the pleasure of chairing the Cognitive Psychology of Education Panel, presenting an academic paper, and concluding the event with a performance with the Olsen Jazz Band!


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(As usual, I showed up with both an instrument to play and a paper to present)


I think that the intercultural communications and collaborations at Kaledoscope are unmatched in terms of how much quality gets presented in two days. Kaledoscope tend to not draw many of “the big name presenters”, instead it draws the vibrant research community that are actively engaged with practice and rocketing up to being the next generation of “big names”.











Hiba Salem, Katerina Mourilatou & Maria Tsapali.


I need to mention how impressed I was with the amazing job that the student organisers did Kudos to Katerina Mourilatou & Maria Tsapali!. I am lucky enough to call them my friends. They never cease to inspire me!

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