Cambridge May Balls (2 of 2): Contract & Soundcheck Craziness!

Last year, I performed at 13 Cambridge May Week events with the Olsen Jazz Band (OJB) and HoJO. To provide a helpful reference to others, I wrote a blog post describing the ups and downs ranging from the well-organised colleges … Continued

Cambridge May Balls (1 of 2): A performer’s perspective

  In early June, most colleges in Cambridge hold an annual ‘May Ball’ to celebrate the end of the academic year. This article highlights some of my experiences as a performer and band leader during Cambridge May Week with the goal of helping … Continued

Logic Pro X Setup: File type, buffer size & sample rate

Apple Logic Pro X: Three crucial settings: Starting a new project in Logic Pro X? There are three choices that should be made before you record anything: (1) recording file type, (2) I/O buffer size and (3) sample rate.  I’ll explain what each means and where it … Continued